(Audio): Don’t say Ama Boahemaa has bleached; poverty was making her skin dark – Piesie Esther

Gospel musician Piesie Esther has observed that her fellow singer, Ama Boahemaa’s newly found fair complexion should not be attributed to bleaching because the light skin complexion was in her blood.

German-based Ghanaian gospel musician Ama Boahemaa’s sudden fair complexion became a concern due to her very dark skin tone when she broke into the industry. Even though she has always defended herself that excessive milk intake made her skin lighten up. Ghanaians never believed her.

Piesie Esther defended her fellow singer saying, “Maybe the fair complexion was in her blood. Just that poverty enveloped her real complexion.

“The soap she was using wasn’t favourable to her skin tone. Now she’s using good soap, as well as good weather. Hence her fair complexion.”

Piesie Esther debunk the assertion that milk lightened Ama Boahemaa’s complexion.

“Ama Boahemaa never bleached. She now baths with good soap. Her newfound colour should not be attributed to excessive intake of milk. The fair colour was in her, so the moment her breakthrough came, it came with the complexion, that’s all,”
she concluded.

Source: 3news

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