Why wasn’t Dr. Bawumia truthful to Ghanaians on Momo tax?; I am disappointed of the passage of the  E-Levy bill – Abeiku Santana

Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana popularly known as Abeiku Santana has expressed disappointment in Vice President Dr Bawumia over how he turned around to support E-Levy.

The presenter said he recalls that the Vice President spoke against taxation on Mobile Money transactions when he visited Peace FM some years back.

“I am disappointed that the government passed E-Levy, why because H.E the Vice President came to Peace FM and he asked us why must we tax MOMO? So he wasn’t truthful to us,” Abeiku Santana said.

Appearing on UTV’s United Showbiz as a guest, he again said “he should have been the first to tell us about the introduction of E-Levy but you see he has made a U-turn to say it’s good because we are in difficult times“.

According to Abeiku Santana, he don’t see what we have used the taxes we’ve already paid for and why the need of another tax.

‘In 1995 when VAT was introduced, Nana Addo organized a demonstration that taxation will kill us’ he said.

However, Abeiku Santana argues that “the E-Levy is not fair because now the poor and the rich will pay the same tax. Tax is to be progressive but I think this is regressive because it is the rich that must be tax more to take care of the poor“.

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