Hike In Prices; Sewhi Ganja Smokers lament over price increase of ‘wee’

Marijuana smokers at Sefwi Asawinso in the Western North Region have been badly hit by the recent general increase in goods and services in the country as they bitterly lament the high cost of the banned substance in their area.

Sellers and suppliers of marijuana in Sefwi Asawinso say just as the prices of goods have seen a sharp increase due to the challenges facing the economy which has resulted in a high cost of living, they also have no option but to increase the price of the “Wisdom Weed”.

But the increment has not gone down well with many of the persons addicted to smoking marijuana as they claim they are now unable to buy the herb. They explained that for them, life without smoking marijuana is incomplete.

They point out that the prices of both a roll and bag of marijuana have shot up astronomically which has made life uncomfortable for them.

“Wee has become very expensive, we used to buy it at GHC250 now we buy it at GHC300. After buying, you’ll then have to buy a razor, a match, and paper for rolling the substance. After you’re done with sieving it and rolling it, sadly, you’ll get just a small amount to smoke.” One smoker said.

Another lamented: “The price of wee has increased and we are not able to buy as much as we would have loved to. Initially, even when you buy one roll and smoke, you feel okay. But now, even when you buy ten pieces and smoke, you don’t get any satisfaction. Of late, the dealers have stopped selling the substance for GHC1.00. Now, the cheapest you can buy is GHC2.00 worth and this is affecting our finances.”

“Now we cannot afford to buy wee. At first, if you buy GHC1.00 it was okay but now the size is too small if you complain the dealers say we cannot blame them because the prices of all goods have increased. We are not the least happy about the situation at all.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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