Wanlov’s latest haircut will amaze you -{Check it out}

After months of being in a forgotten place, musician Wanluv Kubolor has announced his presence with another controversy.

The musician, known for his unusual wrapper mode of dressing, has debuted a latest Shaolin-inspired haircut.

Wanlov has shaved off parts of his lengthy dreadlocks, leaving only the middle portion to represent his brand.

He posted videos and photos of the exact moment he was shaving his hair in the barbershop, and his followers cannot keep mute over it.

He chose a hairstyle that required he shaved all his hair from the back and leaves a ponk in the front to middle section.

While his bushy beard remains intact, a single strand of lock is all that is remained of his hair.

Wanlov’s followers including his sister, Deborah Vanessa have been left bewildered over his weird choice of outlook.

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