Man arrested for having sex with a married woman at Bawjiase – (What he did will surprise you)

A 35-year old man is in the grips of the Bawjiase Police Command in the Central Region for sexually assaulting a married woman.

The suspect, Kwabena Ebo, popularly known as ‘One in town’, is alleged to have put some concoction in a drink for the married woman who had gone to him to demand payment for buying sausage from her.

Citi News sources say the married woman (name withheld), went to Kwabena Ebo who is a trotro driver at the Bawjiase station to collect her money, but Kwabena Ebo offered her a bottle of drink before paying the 5 cedis he owed her.

Unknown to her, the suspect had put some concoction in the drink making her fall asleep, after which she was abused sexually.

The victim told the media that she woke up in a hotel only to realize that she had been sexually assaulted by the suspect although she was menstruating.

“I sell sausage at the lorry station and he usually buys from me. On Tuesday he bought sausage from me and told me to come back for the money later. I went to him in the car later to collect my money only for him to offer me a bottle of malt. After taking the malt I felt sleepy and I only got to know after I wake up from a hotel room naked.”

“I asked him why he did that and all he could say was that he had gotten what he wanted and he will deny ever having anything to do with me if I report to anyone. My worry was that I am a married woman and I wonder why he did that. I was also menstruating” the victim said.

Husband of the victim, Kwesi Ayitey, wants the suspect processed for court and dealt according to the law.

“I have had indication that some elders of the town want to sit on the matter and settle it, but I wont agree because that has been the way they do things here. I have told the police I want the matter to be settled at the law court and that’s how we will have finality to the matter” Kwesi Ayitey told Citi News.

The Bawjiase District Police Command led by Superintendent Felicia Ayensu has confirmed that the suspect is in their custody and investigations have begun into the matter.

Source: Citi News

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