Married women who does this are cheats or harlots – Lawyer laments (Check it Out)

Vociferous Lawyer Maurice Ampaw says there is no way married women should keep male friends.

He contends that any married woman who keeps male friends is either a harlot or cheats on her husband.

In his estimation, the only male friend of a married woman should be her husband.

This he says is because if a married woman keeps male friends, there is no way one will not propose to her.

Apart from proposing to her, the Lawyer says the husband will certainly be competing with her husbands.

“Every woman can take male friends when they are not married but immediately you marry you don’t need to keep male friends. Your husband should be your friend. Any woman who gets married and keeps males friends either cheats or is a harlot.

Any married woman who has say ten male friends, one will propose to her. What’s even sad is that you don’t know your wife’s male friends so you’ll be competing with them,” he said.

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