2022 World Cup: Don’t come and raise LGBTQ+ flags in Qatar; You can be attacked – Football fans warned

Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Abdullah Al Nasari, has entreated members of the LGBTQ+ community not to throng the stadium with rainbow flags or any other paraphernalia.

According to him, any rainbow item that finds its way into the stadium will be confiscated.

He noted that this is not to offend the LGBTQ+ community but rather to protect them from other fans who may be intolerant to their way of living.

“If a fan raises a flag (rainbow) in a stadium and it is taken away, it will not be because we want to offend him, but to protect him. If we don’t, another spectator could attack him.”

Abdullah Al Nasari stressed that “if you buy a ticket, it is to attend a football match and not to demonstrate.”

Abdullah Al Nasari, explained Qatar is an Islamic state and does not subscribe to the ideals of the LGBTQ” community, therefore, would not change its religion to accommodate such actions due to the World Cup.

He advised LGBTQ+ persons to express their views in a society where it will be accepted.

“Do not come and insult an entire society. We will not change the religion for the 28 days,” he concluded.

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