I will marry and give birth without anybody knowing – Diana Asamoah tells those waiting to attend her wedding

Diana Asamoah has said in an interview that recent rumours about her supposed marriage in London are false.

According to her, she decided to post certain videos suggesting that she had gotten married to prove people’s love for trivialities.

The gospel singer said she was not the one that married; but rather the daughter of her producer Anane Frimpong.

Diana reiterated that the gentleman, who rubbed his fingers in her hair, is actually her younger brother.

For those who are still wondering when the real wedding will happen, Diana says, no one will catch wind of it.

“No one will know about my wedding. I will marry and give birth without anybody knowing,” she said.

Diana Asamoah has dominated the trends in recent times for the sudden change in her style of dressing. As someone who had earlier criticised people for applying make-up and other accessories, her new state in fashion comes as a surprise.

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