I’m not crazy, I’m just a new person – Moesha Buduong replies

Actress Moesha Buduong has dismissed claims that she is suffering from a severe mental illness.

According to her, she is just a new person and believes everyone will like the person she is now, compared to her previous self.

Announcing her return to social media Moesha said, “so guys, I am going to be saying a lot lately because so many people are calling my family and everyone thinks I am crazy, I am not crazy. I am just a new person and you guys are going to love the new me,” she said in a video posted to Snapchat.

She added that she would be providing updates on what happened during her time off social media among others.

“It feels so good to be back on social media and I can’t wait to tell the whole world about whatever happened to me and I pray God gives me strength to overcome all the temptations”.

Moesha also prayed for God to bless her so she can acquire a new Range Rover.

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