I Suffered 4 Miscarriages In One Year – Xandy Kamel Speaks On Domestic Abuse In Her Marriage

Actress Xandy Kamel has told the world how her ex-husband Kaninja abused her in the relationship and how she suffered a miscarriage.

In a new interview spotted online, Xandy Kamel claimed her former husband subjected her to trauma and abuse in their relationship.

Xandy said she suffered four miscarriages in one year due to the abuse she suffered from Kaninja, a former Angel TV Sports Presenter adding that he never showed concern throughout her suffering.

In all my four pregnancies, I had a miscarriage and through it all, the man responsible never showed any concern… there was a time a different woman came into the scene, although he didn’t raise his on me, he pushed me against the wall and I had a miscarriage,” Xandy revealed.

She advised young women not to be blinded by love and sentence themselves to death in an abusive relationship.

“flee from any form of abuse in a relationship… don’t just walk away, run! In just a single year, I lost four children, I had four miscarriages…just imagine. I have mad love for children and so I am always excited when I conceive”.

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