God is using me to punish you for sleeping with other’s husbands – Abena Korkor descends on Married Women who slept with people’s husbands when they were single

Abena Korkor Addo took shots at Victoria Lebene and every woman married to any man on her lengthy list, claiming karma is coming for them.

Korkor says her sleeping with married men is just the universe paying back their wives for also sleeping with married men when they were single.

The bipolar menace released a video targeting her victims’ wives this time.

Korkor said that she knows when she gets married one day, other women would sleep with her husband because that’s just the way the world works.

She added that it’s the same way she’s sleeping with their other women’s husbands because they also slept with married men when they were single.

Her jab appeared pointed at Victoria Lebene, who has been suffering at the hands of Korkor.

Abena has made several exposés against Lebene’s husband Nkonkonsa.

Korkor claims Nkonkonsa has been chasing her around to sleep with despite being married.

She infamously disgraced him by releasing WhatsApp chats showing him begging to have her and even disparaging his wife to do so.

Watch Korkor blast the wives of the men on her list below…

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