NPP is almost the best party in Ghana’s political history – John Boadu

General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP, John Boadu has stated that the NPP is almost the best political entity in Ghana’s history.

In an interview on Joy News channel (April 26), the NPP scribe stressed that the party had performed better than every other party including Kwame Nkrumah’s Convention People’s Party, CPP, of yesteryear.

He pointed to what he said were the systems and practices that the party had put in place citing its organizational abilities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By the next four years, we have been evolving as a political party, after all we have been running this democracy for not more than 30 years and if you look at our systems and practices, we are almost the best political party ever.”

Pushed to justify the claim, he responded: “Because the kind of things we are doing… look at last year, even when there was COVID, we were the most active political party… it is organization, it is not just about being in power.

According to him, the claim that the NPP was in power and thus had resources to organize itself was not entirely right, “it is not just about money, it is about human capacity, it is about thinking, it is about putting structures in place.

“The NDC had the resources in 2016, were they able to put together their figures? Were they able? Because they lacked human resources, so it is not just about being in power,” he stressed.

About the NPP

The New Patriotic Party’s policy is to liberate the energies of the people for the growth of a property-owning democracy in this land, with right to life, freedom and justice, as the principles to which the Government and laws of the land should be dedicated in order specifically to enrich life, property and liberty of each and every citizen.

The party was founded on 28th July, 1992, with the aim of bringing together like-minded citizens of the country so that they may strive for Freedom and Justice by the appreciation and protection of human rights and the rule of law through the practice of true democracy; to build in this country a free and democratic system of government under which all citizens will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace, and prosperity of our nation and keep its people free from dictatorship, and oppression.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a centre-right and liberal conservative party in Ghana with the symbol of an African elephant. NPP’s colours are red, white, and blue.

Source: ghanaweb

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