I Don’t Touch My Husband’s Phone, There Is A Need For Privacy In Marriage – Empress Gifty Reveals

Multiple award winning Gospel musician, Empress Gifty has revealed why women must not go through their phones.

According to gospel minister Mrs Gifty Adorye, phones are private assets in marriages.

Therefore, partners must stay away from each other’s phones for peace to prevail at home. Empress Gifty calls this ideology applying wisdom in marriage.

Empress Gifty, the wife of Hopeson Adorye, a staunch member of the NPP, has explained why she does not touch her husband’s phone. She also revealed that her husband doesn’t touch hers too.

“In marriage, there is something called privacy. There’s privacy in marriage, but people don’t know. That thing we call a phone is private. Let me explain it to you. Today, a phone has caused someone to be disabled.

A phone has made someone sit in a car and follow her husband to a hotel to see something that has left her mum. She is now disabled,”
Empress Gifty told Abeiku Santana.

She continued, “Not that I don’t trust my husband, but I know he can make mistakes because he’s human. He is not the holy ghost. There are certain things that fastings will not solve. Prayer answers all things, but sometimes you need to apply wisdom.”

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