You cannot own a metre in your name as a tenant – Rent Control

Tenants who wish to purchase their own electricity, water, and other metres must do so with permission from their landlords, the Rent Control has explained.

Public Relations Officer of the Department Emmanuel Kporsu has explained that the acquisition of the metre must be done in the name of the landlord and not the tenant.

He stated that before a tenant rents a place, there should be water, and electricity available.

However, if these things are not available and the tenant still prefers the place, he or she must go into an agreement with the landlord and purchase the metre in the landlord’s name.

In the agreement, the landlord would agree to extend the period of the rent for the tenant by the cost of the metre.

“You will not be staying in a rented facility till you die, and so, if you want to purchase your separate metre, you should do so with the permission of your landlord and his or her name, not your [tenant] name. The only thing needed is that the landlord must extend your stay by the cost of the metre you bought,” he added.


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