Maame ‘shut up’ – Tracy Boakye clashes with Afia Schwarzenegger on United Show biz

Many viewers were excited when they received news that Tracy Boakye was hosting UTV’s united Show biz. The most exciting thing about the show is that she was to host Afia Schwarzenegger, Ashes, Amanda Jissih, Kisa Agbleke, A-plus and Fred Nuamah.

Tracy Boakye boldly asked Fred Nuamah to respond to allegations of the CEO of the Ghana Movie Awards not listening to advice.

When Fred was about to respond, Afia Schwarzenegger who had hosted Fred’s show in one of the Ghana Movie Awards offered to defend Fred but Tracy Boakye yelled at Afia Schwarzenegger to shut up because she was the host, not Afia, and that Fred should should respond. Fred said that was not true. Kofi Asamoah was also called via a phone conversation to speak about Fred and he seemed not supportive of Fred’s style.

Overall, Fred was applauded for organizing the event for a number of times even though he successfully received sponsorship from Xylophone in 2016.

Fred even narrated how a wealthy person said he could not sponsor the Ghana Movie Awards because his wife objected to that due to influx of many promiscuous actresses.

Aplus also narrated how close he has been to Fred and how he even slept in the CEO’s bedroom whilst the CEO slept at the hall. What we can say about that is that Fred is a humble person who seeks the wellbeing of the Movie industry and only needs the right support from industry players.

Kisa Gbekle also said that she was invited once to attend the Ghana Movie Awards but it was too late to attend.

Amanda Jissih also acknowledged that although Fred has been instrumental in organizing the Ghana Movie Awards, he should accept the criticisms of various industry players.

Ashes also applauded Fred Nuamah for organizing the annual Ghana Movie Awards but said that Fred should do whatever it would take to make the awards successful.

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