National Security cautions churches over possible terrorist attacks

Following the actions of terrorist teams in neighbouring West African nations, Ghana’s National Security has cautioned churches against to possible terrorist attacks.

The National Security mentioned measures have been instituted with a purpose to forestall these attacks nevertheless, the churches should even be on alert.

The measures instituted includes set up of Closed-Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) in churches, in addition to check movements in and around the church.

“In view of the growing threats of terrorism from the subregion and the expansionist drive of terrorist groups towards Coastal West African states, with a renewed modus operandi of targeting public gatherings including places of worship, it is imperative that precautional measures are taken by all stakeholders,” a press release issued on Friday May 13 mentioned.

It is recalled {that a} report by the West Africa Centre for Counter Extremism (WACCE) released not too long ago mentioned Ghana has managed to this point to remain secure from terrorist attacks, but the nation has been so near terrorism.

Already, the report mentioned, more than 13 Ghanaians are believed to have travelled to join terrorist teams since 2015.

“Ghana’s first recorded case was Nazir Alema Nortey , a young college graduate, who shockingly left the nation in august 2015 to join ISIS who later sent a message to his patents to announce his new discovered association.

“He was killed in Syria by April 2016. Professor Kofi Awoonor, a renowned Ghanaian poet and academic, was killed in the West Gate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya when Al Shabab fighters besieged the mall in 2013,” the report mentioned.

The menace has brought fear to the residents along the Northern borders with not only Burkina Faso but Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo not too long ago.

With all its direct neighbors under attacks, Ghana is not far from it the reports suggested.

“Even although the fatality numbers are presently down from the height of over 7,200 within the area in 2014, the menace has elevated in complexity and geographical unfold. Today 53% of all ECOWAS now been encircled by the menace. These developments are harmful for Ghana.

“Ghana’s proximity to these countries (Burkina Faso to the North, Benin and Togo to the East and Ivory Coast to the West) exposes the country to extremist recruitment or attacks or both,” it added.

It additional acknowledged that the “unending Bawku chieftaincy conflict, the ethnic tensions in Northern Ghana and the unresolved challenge of Western Togoland separatists in the Eastern border regions amplify the risks.”

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