{Information wor wiase} – My father in-law impregnated my wife – Husband shares story

According to a heartbroken husband, her wife cheated on him with her side guy and also slept with her own father.

In the man’s own words;

“My ex wife. Tried to make me friends with her side dude. This was before I found out that our CHILD was fathered by her own biological Father.“

So in other words, the child’s father doubles as his grandfather and the child’s mother is also the child’s sister. The child’s grandmother is also his stepmom.

Below are some of the comments gathered under this terrifying revelation;

@Rookieluv3001 – When you think you have seen or read it all.Ex wife’s daughter was your sister in-law

@Hajiairis – So confusing. Imagine exwife Dorta is also her sister. Cuz they both have same dad… confusion everywhere

@Emerytarah – Somebody should wake me up

@Pelumi311 – Is this playing? You mean the father of your wife, your own father-in-law is the father of your child. What kind of playing is this?


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