BBC News have apologised to Manchester United fans, after the words “Manchester United are rubbish” appeared on the channel’s news ticker.

Nothing could sum up United’s problems right now more than the fact that their supporters were hoping Manchester City won the league on Sunday.

They have so little left to celebrate that being glad Liverpool didn’t equal their 20 league titles, or complete a quadruple and out do their famous 1998/99 treble season, was worth cheering on, a sad indictment.

No one around the club would be able to come up with any sort of reason to claim it’s been anything short of a disaster of a season, with the details of Ralf Rangnick’s reign in charge making for depressing reading for them.

The last thing they need is having salt rubbed into their wounds, by being accidentally called rubbish on national news, but that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday.

People noticed that the news ticker on the bottom of the screen came up with the ‘insulting’ news whilst Cam Norrie’s first round win at the French Open was being discussed.

It being on the internet, it’s fair to think that the whole thing could have been a pretty good photoshop job, just some random fan mocking the Premier League flops.

However, the BBC realised their mistake and made an apology on air, making the whole thing all too real for anyone questioning the legitimacy of it.

“A little earlier some of you may have noticed something pretty unusual on the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen, with news, making a comment about Manchester United, and I hope Manchester United fans weren’t offended by it.” the news host said.

She then went on to explain that it was due to a trainee learning the system, it always seems to be that or an intern of some sort, and once again apologised for the incident.

I mean this really is the definition of political correctness gone mad, the BBC are apologising for telling the truth during the news, that’s where we want the truth.

You can’t be offended by that if you’re a United fan, there’s no around it, United are rubbish! – Suppose the only reason to apologise is the fact it’s hardly news at this point.

The team signed Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo last summer and were expected to challenge Manchester City and Liverpool for the title.

Instead they finished 35 points behind the champions and ended up with their worst points total in the Premier League era, an even worse season than the David Moyes era, or is that error.

It was only West Ham’s loss to Brighton on the last day, as they lost to Crystal Palace, thanks to Bruno Fernandes assist to the wrong team, that saved them from seventh place and the Europa Conference League next season.

Do you think Manchester United is Rubbish using their performance in the just ended season?

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