Tax on sanitary pads needs to be reduced – Gov’t told

Quantum Ideas Ghana has presented sanitary pads and other items to blind female students of the New Horizon Educational Centre in Ho in the Volta Region. 

The donation forms part of the social  responsibility of the Quantum Ideas Ghana as an NGO working to better the lives of girls and women as well children.

Presenting the items, the lead member of the Quantum ideas Ghana, Anne Ethel Komlaga said this year decided to focus on special schools in four regions including the Volta Region.

Again, Madam Anne Ethel Komlaga said government should have a look at the tax on the sanitary pads to make it a bit easier for the less privileged.

She noted that some  women and girls mostly hid themselves during those five days of the month due to societal stigmatization, hence, missing out on various activities geared towards empowerment and economic improvement.

“It would be much easier if government considers a reduction of the tax on sanitary pads so that the less privileged ones especially those in the remote communities can be able to purchase them instead of using unhygienic materials or even hiding themselves in that special time of the month ” Anne Ethel Komlaga said.

Miss Komlaga noted that menstrual insecurity psychologically affects women and girls, a situation which is very worrying and must be looked at critically by all stakeholders.

She said there is the urgent need for the physically challenged girls and women to be well educated on menstrual hygiene and given the necessary help during that special time.

Female students of the New Horizon Educational Centre for the blind have appealed to government to consider giving them priority in terms of educational needs just like their colleagues who are physically sound and have no disabilities.

A female student, Mary Dey  made the appeal when Quantum Ideas Ghana made a presentation of sanitary pads and other items to the blind students in Ho.

She noted that due to financial difficulties some of them find it difficult to go through education successfully and so need scholarships to help them be able to go through school.

“We want government to help us the physically challenged with educational materials and even scholarships just like our colleagues who are physically sound so that we can also have a sound education” she said .

A reverend minister of the EP Church, Rev Nyuieme Adiepena  said menstruation is  natural  and such should be looked at in a positive way and as a blessing to humanity. 

She noted that, women and girls should see themselves blessed by God in regards to menstruation because through that act ,they are able to give life to add to the population of the world.

“We women and girls should consider ourselves very lucky to have such awesome thing happening in our lives every months because its only through that process that lives are made to increase the population “Rev Nyuieme Adiepena said .

Director of the school, Mr Eric Ofori  noted that the main purpose of the facility is to bring visually impaired children together under one umbrella and teach them the skills of reading and writing.

Mr Eric Ofori lamented  that due to the lack of access to some equipment required for the visually impaired they are are unable to work or learn well compared to other colleagues who don’t have any physical challenges .

“We also use the computers and other equipment but we become physically challenged when we are not able to have access to such equipment needed to ease our problem,” Mr. Ofori said.

He appealed to government to come to their aid and provide them with the necessary facilities and equipment to effectively improve on their lives. 

World Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene and the difficulty of many girls in remote communities who cannot afford sanitary pads. The theme for this year’s celebration is “making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030.”

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