Stop Twi voiceovers on telenovelas – Mike Ocquaye laments

Former Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye, has tasked Ghanaian movie producers to put all their hands on deck in coming out with indigenous movies for the entertainment industry.

Speaking at the inaugural memorial lecture of Okyenhene Ba Dr. Jones Akwasi Amoako Atta Ofori-Atta at the University of Ghana, Professor Mike Ocquaye bemoaned the recent trend in using Ghanaian language voiceovers in Europe and Asian movies such as telenovelas.

According to him, the trend makes him sick adding that such practice of voice acting cannot happen in the countries the movies and telenovelas originate from.

“I cannot help adding one matter. I beg our actors and scriptwriters to come out with Ghanaian films. I get sick anytime I hear Twi words or Ga words pushed through some European or Asian lips. The practice should be stopped if we should develop as a people.

“These are the things that unmake a nation [sic]. It can never happen in Malaysia. It can never happen in India. It can never happen in any of the Asian tiger countries,” Professor Mike Ocquaye stressed.

The Ghanaian television space has in recent times been inundated with foreign movies particularly telenovelas most of which have voiceovers in the local languages.


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