My loyalty got me beaten, but I will soon speak – Shatta Wale’s PA

Nana Dope, the former personal assistant of Shatta Wale, has announced that he was physically assaulted but kept mute because of his loyalty.

He has, however, threatened to go public with his side of the story.

His comment comes after a leading member of Shatta’s team, Deportee alleged that the singer failed to help him and two others settle their bail but instead left them to their fate.

Back in October 2021, Deportee, Gangee and Nana Dope were named as accomplices of Shatta Wale in his fake gun attack that ended them at the Ankaful Prison.

In a self-recorded video, Deportee mentioned that the singer assaulted his PA, Nana Dope with thugs after Shatta threatened to beat up over his allegations.

In a series of posts made by Nana Dope on Snapchat, he confirmed that he was indeed assaulted.

He again called on friends to keep him in prayers as he makes a recovery.

“Finally & hopefully in some few days, I’d be able to smile & say God got me outta this shit. Say a prayer for me & know when this is all over, the boy got something to finally get off his chest #NANA DOPE,” read the post sighted by Kohweonline.

In a separate post, he explained why he hasn’t exposed the people who betrayed him, adding that he was put behind bars because of ‘loyalty’.

“LOYALTY AINT ONE-SIDED! On this side, that’s how it’s like but I really don’t have regrets because when I had to be behind bars because of loyalty, I gladly did. Will be back in some few days to say what I got to say! God bless everyone that’s genuinely loyal no matter how dirty who you being loyal to does you!

“They should be thankful loyalty got me this quiet for months but in some few days, that loyalty to me won’t mean shit no More!!! And ohhh, loyalty gets you beaten as well on this side! LMAO!!” Nana Dope wrote in the post sighted by KohweOnline.

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