You don’t understand the job If you think my appointment as ECG MD is to solve dumsor – ECG boss

The New Managing Director for Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama, has said that his role as an MD is not to bring an end to or solve the power outage crisis (Dumsor) in the country as many Ghanaians believe.

According to him, his mandate is to mobilize resources for the company to purchase power from independent power producers and government power producers rather than to solve power crisis issues in the country.

He said those who think his duty is to solve Dumsor do not understand his role as the MD.

“I come to ECG at the point where revenue mobilization is key. So if you look at me today and you think my appointment as ECG MD is to solve Dumsor then you actually don’t understand the work of ECG.

He said the ECG must pay power producers for power – either from the independent power producers or the government power producers.

“ECG is a distributor of power and buys the power from an independent power producer or government power producer. The government ones are Bui and VRA. You have the likes of KARPOWERSHIP ASA, SEND Power as independent power producers,”

“When we buy the power through a power purchase agreement we run it through GRIDCO to our bulk power supply and sub-stations. So I have to pay GRIDCo for transmitting the power to me. I also have to pay the independent power and other producers for producing the power,” he added.


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