Seek spiritual cleansing now or else… Kwaku Bonsam tells man bathed with human excreta

Popular fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam has warned Daniel Agyapong, the man who was bathed with human excreta at Assin Fosu Pantoase, to seek immediate spiritual cleansing over his predicament as the repercussions of the disgraceful act on him are dire.

Last Sunday, 7th August 2022, is the day Daniel Agyapong will never want to remember in life as he was disgraced publicly when he was bathed with faeces by a public toilet attendant over a 50 pesewas misunderstanding.

The victim explained that he visited the facility a day before the incident with Ghc1 but another attendant who was on duty at the time did not get a change of 50p for him, therefore, he decided to use the facility on Sunday, August 7, 2022, morning to clear the balance due him.

But the suspect, Kwabena Osei who wasn’t around at the time the victim first visited the facility insisted that the victim pays before using the toilet. After some minutes of argument, Abadaho succeeded in preventing the victim from using the facility even after an eyewitness decided to pay the 50p for the victim.

The suspect who wasn’t happy with the situation, angrily rushed home to pick up hand gloves, fetch an appreciable quantity of the faeces, chased the victim, and smeared him with human waste from head to toe.

Commenting on the development, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, said even when a human being has anything to do with human excreta even in a dream it connotes negativity, hence the victim who has been smeared with it physically should not take the matter lightly but seek immediate spiritual help.

He added that the Spirit of the victim has to be bathed otherwise he will encounter a lot of setbacks in life and live a very miserable going into the future.

“The condemnable act perpetrated on the victim has so many repercussions, he can suffer lots of curses and bad luck in life. If he doesn’t seek spiritual help and have his spirit thoroughly cleansed with several herbs and other items, he’ll never make it in life. It will get to a time he’ll have problems with his finances, his marriage and will even have mental problems. A lot of spiritual work will have to be done on this man before he’ll be free in life. He needs to act fast.”


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