We must find powerful people backing Aisha Huang – Media Coalition against Galamsey

The Media Coalition against Galamsey is calling for the prosecution of persons who assisted the woman known as the galamsey queen, Aisha Huang, to return to the country.

The Convener of the Coalition, Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, believes that political and non-political figures are likely to be complicit in her return and subsequent engagement in illegal mining.

After the re-arrest of Aisha Huang after she was deported in 2018 for illegal mining, Dr. Ashigbey believes a detailed probe into the matter is critical to the fight against illegal mining.

“Aisha Huang is not coming alone. There are very powerful people who will be aiding her to come, and it is important that we find out the people behind her return.”
He also said we must make sure “we exact the maximum punishment” to persons culpable.

“In any endeavour of killing a serpent, if you don’t cut the head off, it will come back at you, so we need to [deal with this] at the root of it,” Dr. Ashigbey.

Aish Huang was deported in 2018 because of her illegal mining activities.

The deportation was criticised as many felt she should have been prosecuted instead.

Reports indicate that she returned to Ghana from a neighbouring country through a land border.

She also has a Ghana Card with the name, Huang En.

The Attorney General plans to initiate prosecution against the suspect.

She has been charged with mining without license and engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals.

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