If you are struggling to buy electricity, Kwame A-Plus has a video for you; WATCH!

Kwame Aplus has urged Ghanaians to engage in illegal connection of electricity should there comes the need to amidst the Electricity Company of Ghana, (ECG) Prepaid Challenges.

Ghanaians for about a week now have not been able to access prepaid electricity services due to a general system problem.

The situation is getting unbearable forcing public figures to add their voice to that of the masses crying for help.

Among these Sympathizers is Musician now turned Politician, Kwame Asare Obeng, affectionately called Aplus.

Mr Obeng said the ECG Prepaid situation is getting dicey for many considering its uses ranging from health purposes and other pressing needs.

According to Aplus, if the situation is not resolved and it gets critical, he’ll be left with no choice than to connect to the electrical power illegally.

He also asked Ghanaians to follow suit in case it becomes paramount that they use electrical power in emergency situations.

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