Black Sherif Shares Why He Featured No Artist Except Burna Boy On His Debut Album

Ghanaian music star Black Sherif has shared in-depth information about the creation of his debut album, and why he had just one feature despite his international appeal.

Black Sherif on Thursday, October 6, 2022, blessed music lovers with his much-anticipated album, “The Villian I Never Was”.

The album was well-received across the country. It became the most talked about the piece by an artist when it surpassed over 70 million streams on Audiomack in less than 24 hours.

Ghanaian Afro-fusion star Black Sherif joins Dadaboy Ehiz via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk dee his latest album, The Villian I Never Was.

Black Sherf discussed the mood behind his new album, ‘The Villain I Never Was,’ and why he had just Burna Boy as a feature.

“I really needed to know myself and explore everything in me before I can start sharing out for people to help me tell my story. Music for me has always been very personal, like a safe haven for me to talk my insecurities, things I can’t say outside, so to get someone on a record with me, I just feel like they can’t help me tell my story.”

“That’s why I went real solo on the album – you know the “Second Sermon (Remix)” with Burna was the only feature on this album. I want people to know my perspectives on life, to actually brief them on what I know, what I’ve seen, what I believe in and how I’m doing. But soon, collaborations are gonna come, trust me.”

Speaking on Why he named the album “The Villian I Never Was”, Blacko said he spoke his truth in the project and sang about his insecurities, including being demonized by people and himself.

“All of the times I’m the villain – in my story, in people’s story – everywhere I’m the villain, but when I sit and think about it I know “Nah bro, I don’t just wake up to be a villain.” I’m fighting for my life, I’m trying to make sense, I’m trying to be a better person so I really wasn’t the villain that people paint me to be or that myself is telling me. I’m not the villain.”


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