Social media monitoring of Law School students only an admonition, not directive – SRC

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law says an admonition by the Director of the school for students to live above reproach wherever they find themselves, including on social media, does not constitute a directive.

It is “a reiteration of general caution to the student body to abide by the school’s code of conduct within and outside the school including social media platforms,” a statement issued by the SRC on Wednesday noted.

The statement also emphasised that while the school management seeks to ensure that majority of qualified students are called to the Bar each year by the admonition, “no such directive has been given to any student by the Management of the school.”

The Director of the Law School, Yaw Oppong, made the request for “everybody” “to provide their social media handles” for monitoring of students’ conduct during the swearing-in ceremony of new SRC Executives.

The request, which has since become topical, has been condemned in many circles, with some calling it an affront to the student’s constitutional right to free expression.

Below is the statement by the SRC.

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